About Pri

Most people know me as a clown with good vibes and good energy. They’re not wrong to be honest. I do like to have a good time, but I do have this aura around me that wants to bring positivity into whichever room I enter. 

They also know me as that accountant turned life coach. The guy who went to follow his purpose and passion by going against everything he thought was normal, to do something that resonated with his beliefs. 

People described me to be funny, but straight to the point. I brought a happy and positive energy, and this was supported by a hard working mentality. 

I wasn’t afraid of being vocal with my opinions but always put the needs of the team ahead of mine. And working as an auditor and training to become chartered, I was the team member that always tried to bring ‘life' to the projects jobs we were assigned too.

However I used to feel that I hid this side of me at times in different environments because I cared too much about what people thought. 

This stemmed from my early days at school.


Growing up, there were expectations put on my shoulders. from my teachers, my parents, extended family, friends, you name it, they probably unconsciously added some sort of pressure to my life. 

This didn’t help when I didn’t bring back the results I was predicted.

But this all changed when I went to university. I met a new friend called ‘commitment’. For the first time, I allowed myself to put down expectations and just be committed to my own goals. 

I walked out of university with a first class honours and knew that with commitment by my side anything was possible. It has remained with me ever since. 


With the ACA I hit a few road bumps, but I remained committed to passing. With my health and fitness goals I remain committed to the process of how I want to look. With my career and business goals I remain committed to bring the best coaching service possible to my clients. 

When I show up, I am all in!

I grind and I put in a shift to help me obtain the results I seek. 

This sometimes can be quite negative because it means I need to be in control. If I don’t feel in control, I don’t stick to working to get ) my results. 

This sometimes brings out my emotions out and has me doubting myself. It can lead to me beating myself up. But I balance this with by making sure I add some form of enjoyment and feeling of fulfilment towards my goals. 

And as a fulfilment coach, I work with clients just like that. 

Most people used to think that everything was fine and fantastic in my life, but they didn’t see what I felt behind closed doors. 

Not reaching my potential or what I believe my potential was has held me back in my life. But now I have a new mantra. A saying I truly believe in and that is, ‘everything happens for a reason.’

If you are committed to being yourself more often, and if you are committed to bringing the real you to the table and for the whole world to see, then you and I should have a conversation. 

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What my clients have said 

"Working with Pri was a great decision. He helped me from taking little to no action with my goals to actually helping me achieve my goals all within three months.


My biggest highlight working with Pri was that he understood what I wanted to achieve and work on and gave 100% energy to each call. Most of all talking to Pri not only as a Life coach but also a friend made some hard-hitting sessions easier to talk about life happenings."

Sonia - United Kingdom 

"Having these sessions with Pri, allowed me to get a deeper insight to myself and hence enabled me to start building a relationship with myself. I also learnt that there is always something that you can do to make a bad situation into something better and Pri taught me the steps to do this. My mindset has changed completely and I am in a more positive mindset."

Pooja (Graduate Student) - United Kingdom

Grey Limbo

It is important that before we go any further to our discovery call that you feel I am the right coach for you. See below more for more information.

Are we a Right fit? 


I've been grinding my whole to get to a position here I'm living my purpose, you need to be willing and committed to take this journey with me 


I pay attention to the details, this might mean digging deeper to the root of the issues at hand.  

Are you comfortable with this ?


I'm always full of energy, so expect a level of enthusiasm you have never seen in a coach before. You don't have to be pumped but I'd be surprised if you don't feel pumped after our sessions.  


I'm driven to help you on your path, but if you're not driven I cannot help you. 

Clients need be consciously aware that the situation they are in is not serving  them now or in the future to have a fulfilled life. 


I look to build more than just a coaching relationship but a safe place, which allows us to peel those layers and uncover the truths that have held you back. 

big goals

I work best with people who have a big goal in mind. Now be prepared for suggestions that may come your way if necessary to help you reach your goal. 


I don't offer a quick fix unfortunately. This service is a gradual learning and healing process. If you are willing to be patient and take those small steps to reach the goals you want, hop aboard.  


I'm all about self realisation, and I'll be your soundboard through this journey. Everything you say will be projected right back at you where necessary to get the mind thinking and et the ball rolling.  

Do you feel we are a good fit?

Are you ready to take your life to a new level ?

If so book your complimentary free discovery call using the button below. 

Wandering Traveler

I Look forward to accompanying you on your journey