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About Pri

Most people know me as a clown with good vibes and good energy. They’re not wrong to be honest. I do like to have a good time, but I do have this aura about me that wants to bring positivity into whatever room I enter. 

They also know me as the guy with an ACA who coaches and has a podcast where he gets people to take down their filters.


The one person out of their circle who went to follow his purpose and passion by going against everything he originally thought was normal, to do something that resonated with his beliefs. 

People highlighted me out to be funny, but straight to the point.


Mr positive vibes and good energy but hardworking and focussed. Never afraid of being vocal with his opinions but could empathise too. He is the ultimate team player.”


But once upon a time I used to feel that I couldn’t be true to myself. I had to change in different environments because I cared too much about what people thought. 

I dressed a certain way to stand out. I avoided asking for help with my education because growing up there were expectations to be the golden child that did the family name proud. 

Limiting beliefs were born and consumed me within. I made feeling negative and unworthy my best friend. I found motivation through failure and pain. It was a scary place but something I normalised. 

Until 20 years later where I enrolled in a coaching school and started putting my personal growth and wellbeing first. 


Being coached has changed the game for me and my perspective of life and my journey.  Being able to coach has helped me change the game for others who have walked similar paths to mine. 

Now when I show up, I am all in! I am radiating a true reflection of myself. And I help others do the same. 

I grind and I put in a shift to help me obtain the results I seek but I do what I want to do with my life. I take breaks when I need to recharge.

I keep myself busy at the gym and on the golf course. I coach because I love it. 

I reflect daily and I take each day one step at a time. I’ve learned that this is my journey and it is unique to me.

I don’t have to follow the paths of others nor do I need to compare to where I am at in my life in regards to their successes. 

Learning from my mistakes and questioning how I can grow from every opportunity that arises is something which I find joy from. 

And now as a fulfilment coach I get to help clients work towards being their authentic self all the time. I help them understand the true beauty they hold within and find ways of blocking out the noise and staying focused on their path. 

Most people used to think that everything was fine and fantastic in my life, but they didn’t see what I saw behind closed doors.


Not reaching my potential or what I believe my potential was has held me back in my life.

But over time I have ingrained a new mantra. ‘Everything happens for a reason.’


I wouldn’t be here helping the wonderful clients that want to work with me and you wouldn’t have got to this point if you weren’t intrigued about the services I provide. 

If you are committed to being yourself more often, and if you are committed to bringing the real you to the table and for the whole world to see, then me and you should have a conversation. 

What my clients have said 

"Working with Pri was a great decision. He helped me from taking little to no action with my goals to actually helping me achieve my goals all within three months.


My biggest highlight working with Pri was that he understood what I wanted to achieve and work on and gave 100% energy to each call. Most of all talking to Pri not only as a Life coach but also a friend made some hard-hitting sessions easier to talk about life happenings."

Sonia - United Kingdom 

"Having these sessions with Pri, allowed me to get a deeper insight to myself and hence enabled me to start building a relationship with myself. I also learnt that there is always something that you can do to make a bad situation into something better and Pri taught me the steps to do this. My mindset has changed completely and I am in a more positive mindset."

Pooja (Graduate Student) - United Kingdom

Grey Limbo

It is important that before we go any further to our discovery call that you feel I am the right coach for you. See below more for more information.

Are we a Right fit? 


I've been grinding my whole to get to a position here I'm living my purpose, you need to be willing and committed to take this journey with me 


I pay attention to the details, this might mean digging deeper to the root of the issues at hand.  

Are you comfortable with this ?


I'm always full of energy, so expect a level of enthusiasm you have never seen in a coach before. You don't have to be pumped but I'd be surprised if you don't feel pumped after our sessions.  


I'm driven to help you on your path, but if you're not driven I cannot help you. 

Clients need be consciously aware that the situation they are in is not serving  them now or in the future to have a fulfilled life. 


I look to build more than just a coaching relationship but a safe place, which allows us to peel those layers and uncover the truths that have held you back. 

big goals

I work best with people who have a big goal in mind. Now be prepared for suggestions that may come your way if necessary to help you reach your goal. 


I don't offer a quick fix unfortunately. This service is a gradual learning and healing process. If you are willing to be patient and take those small steps to reach the goals you want, hop aboard.  


I'm all about self realisation, and I'll be your soundboard through this journey. Everything you say will be projected right back at you where necessary to get the mind thinking and et the ball rolling.  

Huzna, UK

My biggest highlight was knowing my self worth and affirming these daily.

This enabled me to recognise what I deserve and feel like a million pounds! I also found going through the habits I picked up from my family and tackling these very helpful. Pri also helped me realise that I’m not alone and I’m not burdening my friends when I want to talk to someone - that’s what friends are for! And more importantly - it’s ok to say no for your own peace.

Hishita (ACCA), UK

It is very east to talk to you and you always identify the real reason for something bothering me, but the best part is you make me say it or know what to say to make me realise it for myself. I have definitely become more aware of the triggers towards those limiting thoughts and beliefs. You have changed the game for me. 

Aaron, US

Pri is insightful and asked me the right question at the right time.  I appreciated the space he provided me to walk through and question my thought process and assumptions.  

I also valued the environment he created.  I trusted him and felt sharing details of a personal topic.

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