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Working a 9-5 as an accountant I understood the challenges that appeared in the corporate world.


As an entrepreneur I know behind closed doors there are still issues in our personal lives that sometimes get neglected due to this new chapter of life we’ve started. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

There are still fears that you haven’t overcome yet.


There are still obstacles you’ve avoided working on in the past.


There are commitments and new found responsibilities you are just now not comfortable with.


The extended pressure from your career means you have less time to focus on yourself and others in your circle.


You're struggling within your romance because romantic you’ve been dealing with the constant challenge of finding time to communicate.


The motivation to follow your dreams has just disappeared.

Do negative beliefs still find a way of bringing your confidence down and prevent you to take action.

Sometimes our careers can take over and this doesn’t bring joy or happiness to our lives.


Setbacks you’ve encountered on the journey mean you feel that you’re miles behind your peers and this frustrates you. 


Not giving everything balanced attention means that other areas of our lives get neglected. 


From working with working professionals I have derived that this all stems from some element of personal growth.


I believe you already know the answers to the questions or problems you are facing but are just fearful or have some form of resistance in taking those steps forward. 


As your coach I will help you identify what is really in the way.


I will help you design the path you need to start taking to help you work towards your ultimate goals.

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