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Dating App

Let me guess at this point, you are tired of pointless dates.

You've swiped right to everyone in your location. 

You've got to a point where you've deleted the app and restarted to see if anythings changed? 

So follow the steps to the left and let's get you to that place of being exclusive or being in a relationship. 

When using the apps, don't swipe right to anyone. Try and select people you are attracted too and would want to get to know more of. 


Then you wait for the "MATCH" it's all about the chat.


Ladies dont feel afraid in bringing something juicy to the table.


Fellas dont feel like you have to try TOO hard.


Be yourself, and appreciate each others time. We all know everyone lives different lives so this is the part whether or not you see if you're compatible enough to exchange numbers and meet up. 

If you lack patience, or dont emphasie why youre interested, it could be a case where conversation fizzles and you start again so keep this in mind. 

Then arrange to get more personal. Calle each other. FaceTime, Meet up and have fun. Be yourself and dont be shy. You've matched someone you find attractive, they've got chat, so play your part on the date. 

If youre not fully invested though, this could be waste of time, and there is no chance of getting intimate. So read the room, you'll already have appreciated each others boundaries, and go from there. 

Note if you get to this point and youre not seeing eye to eye, then we start again. 

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