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10 reasons why you need a coach

There are a number of different reasons why you need a coach but here are 10 that might make you think it's now time to make that crucial investment and take control of living your best life.

1) "You're dealing with a change right now you're not comfortable with or had a choice over"

Ever have that feeling where you just can't come to terms with the cards you were dealt. That bad hand. Like you were fine, everything was falling into place and then WHAM!

Dealing with a change you're not comfortable with can be mentally and physically draining.

A very obvious example would be the world pandemic. I know and you know COVID-19 has had a major impact on the lives of many. It’s been a major turning point for people. Be honest, has it effected you?

Your relationships, your career, your mental wellbeing?

A coach can help guide you through the struggles you are currently facing. A coach can identify what you’ve not seen and can help guide you to the path you want to be on during this feeling of being uncomfortable.

Is this something that would benefit you right now?

2) "You feel confused about where you are currently in life"

I call this phase the 'FUNK'. It's never nice when you're in a position in life and you just feel confused.

It can simply be where you are in your career or where you are in regards to your relationship status.

When you are in this mindframe it can make you feel lonely and insecure. It can have you reacting badly to situations.

Sometimes you just need help getting to the next level. Sometimes you just need redirection.

The vision for the life you want is still there, and maybe you’ve had a set back thats stopped you in your tracks.

Ask yourself is it now worth the investment to get you and your lifestyle up and running again?

3)"You’re nervous about facing that challenge that’s bugging you"

In life we come across many challenges. The worst are the ones that get you feeling nervous and anxious. A great example is the feeling before an exam. When your stomach just goes into meltdown. People say its like those pre-game jitters.

But what if its a constant challenge that bugs you.

Like for instance a member of the team you just can’t speak up too, because you know how they'll react and you don't want that confrontation but it really stress you out when you're in the work environment and when you're at home.

Maybe you have a better example.

Is it a challenge you want to overcome? If its that important to you surely its time no?

Just as yourself what it happens if you're able to knock this challenge out the park, what does it do for you moving forward in life?

4) "You are aware that there is an obstacle in your path"

Now these can be straight damn obvious or at times be things you know are lurking but are unsure where they are coming to meet you face to face on your path.

Obstacles can be feelings or emotions that stop you from taking those brave steps forward. Sometimes they could be people that stop you from progressing, or sometimes they could be financial or health concerns that stop you from breaking through that wall. The key here is to asking yourself how badly do you want to break through that wall?

Imagine what the rest of the journey looks like once you overcome this obstacle. Is this the journey you want moving forward?

5)"You are fearful of taking that risk and being true to yourself"

Fear is the biggest asshole but can be you're best friend too.

Fear stops you from doing certain things like double locking your door every time you leave, but then also makes you take those extra precautionary steps like crossing at the lights rather then in the middle of the road.

But when you let fear take over your identity then that becomes a problem. The best way I like to get through this is by asking the following question...

"Visualise what it would look like if you were being true to yourself?"

That new career you wanted to pursue, or that new venture you wanted to kickstart, ask yourself what would it look like if you were able to combat your fear and take those first few steps?

6)"You can never make up your mind and its winding you up"

How many time’s have you heard the story where someone has said “I should have done this back then...” or “I wished I did this before ...”

Does it sound familiar to you? Have you been a culprit of saying these statements.

Being indecisive at the time might be a normal thing for you. Maybe its due to your personality. Now is this a bad thing? Nope, not really.

But you know and I know, it becomes a painful task to deal with, when you come to terms and realise that someone or something has prevented you from making the decisions you’ve wanted to make in life.

For instance maybe calling it a day on that relationship or deciding to take that break from you truly deserve. Maybe your in two minds about investing in that development coach who will help you in all areas of your life?

Is it now time for you to retake control of your life?

7) "You want to replace those BAD habits with some GOOD ones"

'Self-sabotage' is a word I throw about. This is when you purposely go back to your old ways because you're fearful of what would have come if you continued making progress.

It's like wanting to quit smoking to then turning back to being a social smoker because you don't want to miss out on being with your mates when on that next night out.

How many of you feel you have habits which raise blocks in your progress? Put it this way, if something was really bothering you, you would pay to sort it right? You would look at all options to fix the problem at hand.

Why aren't you looking to fix your bad habits then?

Think of it from a relationship standpoint, what do you constantly keep doing that upsets your partner? Do you want your relationships to continue like this?

How about from a career standpoint. For instance, you always want to be a team player so always volunteer to help out, but never have time to complete your own indivudla tasks you've been assigned. What is that doing for your progression in your company? What's that doing to your wellbeing?

Is it time to change these habits?

8) "Someone or something has shattered your confidence"

We all have that someone who makes you doubt yourself or your decision you want to make. They always find a way of shitting all over your self belief.

And then we all have that something that happened once upon a time that remains to bother you when you are making progress. Its like it has a leash around you and keeps bringing you back.

This causes you to remain in a depressed mindset. Keeps you at the all time low. It has a knock on effect to your day, your week, and all other areas of your life.

My questions are simple.

How would it benefit your life, if you were able to gain back that confidence?

How beneficial would it be to work towards not letting your confidence ever get shattered again?

Why aren't your hiring someone then to help you feel this way?

9) "You want to stand up to whatever / whoever it is thats stopping you from progressing"

Sometimes you just need help getting to the next level.

Sometimes you just need redirection.

The vision for the life you want is still there, but maybe you’ve had a set back thats stopped you in your tracks?

Maybe its family related, or your partner just brings you down.

Maybe its that accident that happened that has prevented you from getting back in the driving seat of your life.

What if I said to you a coach could help you overcome these issues and get to the real root of what it is thats stopping your progress.

What if i said to you a coach could get you to stand up and take strides.

Would it be worth it to inves in your life to get you up and running again?

10) "You have a goal you want to achieve, but are always distracted"

Distractions are a pain because sometimes you feel they are unavoidable. Family and financial distractions come to mind.

Something always seems to be distracting you in life.

Whether its the bills to be paid for, or meals that need to be prepared for the family that evening.

Every time you set off to work towards that goal, something else always gets in the way and those steps never seem to be taken.

Organising your time and energy efficiently could be the answer? Maybe planning in advance could help you stick to achieving your goals?

What if I said I could help you on that front? Would that benefit you?

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