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4 things you must do to remove those insecurites

  1. Challenge those negative thoughts

  2. Take care of yourself first

  3. Affirm yourself

  4. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

1. Challenge those negative thoughts

You want to stop thinking about worst case scenarios and start looking at the positive outcomes of situations. I like to call it best case scenarios.

Start challenging those negative biases. And what I mean by this is simple, stop thinking about the worst outcome. Start being positive about it.

How many times have you heard the saying whats the worst that could happen?

Well when this arises we naturally we feed ourselves with negative outcomes. ‘Maybe she wont like me’ ‘Maybe he’ll ghost me’. Im talking about it from a dating perspective obviously but stop doing that. This just feeds the insecurity.

Instead I want you to challenge that.

So rather then saying … ‘Worst case scenario the date doesn’t go to plan’ maybe try the following

‘The date may not go to plan, but best case scenario is I’m getting pizza tonight’ or ‘He might be a catfish, but best case scenario is, he’s not a catfish, and we have a great time’.

It helps take off a lot of pressure of us when we start challenging those thoughts.

2. Take care of yourself first!

Taking care of yourself first! Whether thats going on walks. Decluttering your mind with meditation. Spa breaks. Yoga. Do something thats going to allow you to recharge and destress.

So many of us put others ahead of ourselves. But why are we doing that if were not feeling great ourselves.

Its not fair on them and most importantly not fair on you.

You need to start prioritising yourself first. Stand up for yourself. Put you first. And go by life that way.

Truth be told if youre happy and in a better mood, maybe things just work out better for you?

3. Affirm yourself.

Now some people laugh at affirmations and say they are pretty pointless. Me on the other hand. I feel they help. And Im not talking about saying I deserve to be happy, I am beautiful, I am perfect the way I am, but I mean chanting that shit over and over again in a way I know is believable. Again challenging those negative thoughts with positive affirmations that you truly believe.

“I might not be the best with small talk, but I know how to make people laugh, Im flipping hilarious, I make myself laugh, and I dont need you to laugh at my jokes to tell me otherwise. I bring positive energy cos I am that positive energy”

If that doesn’t make sense, drop me a message and get in touch and ill elaborate in more detail

4. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

When it comes to insecurities the reason why they continue to arise because we have made it so comfortable to do the thing which causes us pain and frustration.

It's easy to not put yourself out there and tell your friends youre feeling down about life, so instead we stay quiet, avoid social gatherings or worse we go, and put on a fake smile and pretend were okay when deep down we just want to cry.

So start by doing things outside your comfort zone as a tester. Whether its attending a kickboxing class where you know you'll be awful, or going to restaurant and ordering a meal for one. The uncomfortable feeling once conquered can make you unstoppable.

Then it may be a case where the uncomfortable scenario was opening up and telling people how you truly feel and just taking a weight off your shoulders. This might be something you feel you now can do because you know there's nothing to lose with being honest about your feelings, something that was once uncomfortable.

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