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Define Fulfilment?

Fulfilment is a feeling of empowerment.

Fulfilment is a feeling of joy.

Fulfilment is a feeling of accomplishment.

When I think of being fulfilled I think of waking up every day with a smile on my face, not stressed about the day that awaits me. I feel grateful for where I am and I am hungry to take on the challenges that lie before me.

When I think of being fulfilled I think of getting into bed every night with a smile on my face knowing I worked towards the lifestyle I truly want. I feel grateful for being able to take on those challenges.

My days, my time, my energy feels more than just feeling satisfied.

A satisfied can be a 6/10 lifestyle. Where things are just okay. And there is nothing wrong with an okay lifestyle. For me its not a fulfilled lifestyle.

Fulfilment means I am at a 10/10. My lifestyle is a 10/10.

Fulfilment means, I might not be at a 10 yet, but everyday I am working and grinding towards that 10.

My lifestyle is 7/10 currently, but the steps I'm taking, and the actions i'm putting into practice, are making me feel like I'm at a 10.

The path is being designed so that I will be at a 10. But the feeling of knowing that I'm working towards that lifestyle makes me feel I am at a 10. And that is my definition of fulfilment.

From a career perspective see the following:

You could be in the corporate role earning and saving and working towards that amazing lifestyle and not feel fulfilled because you don't have a sense of enjoyment, joy, or accomplishment when you finish your day. Oh yes, you're earning a lot of money and money is fantastic but those feelings aren't there day after day.

Now if you know you are grinding for the lifestyle where you want to be in the future and are happy with the sacrifices you are making now then that is a different story. You are fulfilled now because you know what your future holds. But if you aren't happy now then, I'm sorry, you are lacking fulfilment.

Whereas you could be a waiter, earning a reasonable salary but you feel fulfilled because you love providing a service to the people you serve. You love to see the smile on their faces and you're all about the customer satisfaction. Now you might not be earning a lot of money in comparison to the individual int he corporate role but you get a sense of those feelings. You are happier than the corporate individual. You will live a happier life than the individual who doesn't enjoy their work.

This is how I define fulfilment at work.

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