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Struggling to find your ideal partner? Lets see why!

If we looked at your ideal partner, and visualised them in detail, maybe you’d identify that everything you’re doing right now in terms of dating is pretty pointless.

Perhaps you are spending countless hours swiping right and having the most boring of conversations on dating apps?

Or maybe you’re realising you are using all your time in environments where your ideal partner is never going to be, i.e in your bed over the course of the weekend, or at a local pub with your friends on a Friday night.

The thing I’ve realised is we all like to try find someone organically and find common interests but how much can you get out of that from a dating app or an Instagram profile.

So let’s look at a few places your ideal partner may be spending their quality time.

  • In the gym

  • Friday night drinks in the city

  • On a golf course

  • The nearest 5-aside football pitch

  • A bookshop

  • A comedy night

  • A concert

  • The nearest shopping centre

  • Starbucks or Costa

  • Yoga classes

And out of these suggestions do you ever attend any of these places?

Do you have similar interests?

Now maybe the above aren’t your cup of tea but then ask yourself where would you like to be and meet your ideal partner?

And rather than continuing with what’s currently not working for you, why not step out of your comfort zone and see what happens when you venture out.

This doesn’t mean going alone with the intent of speaking to someone but maybe you organise the next night with your friends doing something different and see what happens.

You’ll be amazed what happens when you put yourself in an environment with like minded people and the conversations that can stir up with people who just understand and get your vibe.

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