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What lacking confidence can do for your dating life

Well if you are someone who lacks confident, and are struggling with dating apps, this is a good read for you. Let me guess by assuming that 9 times out of 10 you feel you are being put in a position that feels like you’re stuck in the mud.

Something is holding you back. To make that first move isn't comfy.

It gets a lot worse if it's not family getting involved and asking for updates right? Or maybe its the fact that all your peers are getting married and moving on and youre dealing with a hand which you feel you cant do anything with and hence lack confidence to even try play the game.

It now feels lonely and you don't back yourself right now so trying to move forward can seem like an impossible task.

With all your single friends you can see everyone else venturing out. The confident ones are talking about their matches. The dates they've been on. The progress they are making. And here you are feeling like you haven't moved past the start line.

This sucks because truth be told, the person you could meet might also lack confidence too. Might be just as shy. Might have the exact same pressures at home. And genuinely wants to find someone to connect with who matches your personality.

It could be a match made in heaven for you to get out there, and you both grow in confidence and see where this journey takes you.

But right now you don’t step our of your comfort zone. You rarely meet people. You struggle to swipe right or send a DM. So the first question I want you to answer is WHY?

Do you feel like you're going to be judged?

Do you feel like you're not good enough?

Are you fearing how conversation might play out?

Are you scared of what happens if the first dates a success?

These are all common things that arise when I talk to my clients around their dating life and the key to building confidence is working on those limiting beliefs which just keep holding you back.

I want to invite you to get in touch with me and see if after one conversation I can change the game for you and help you take that first step into becoming more confident when it comes to dating.

The first step can seem daunting and scary, but after that, momentum will follow and you my friend will be be on a roll!

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