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Why am I still on this current path?

So many of us have been what is the right path to follow. So many of us have been told to go study certain subjects because fo the prospects of good jobs and a great future. The problem I have with all this is this is based on someones opinion right?

There are facts behind the figures in regards to potential earnings and a blueprint may be set out if you follow this route but there is no guarantee of a great future.

Who said studying towards a qualification or a certain career would be great?

So many millennials have been told to get into the corporate life, or work towards becoming chartered because financially it will be rewarding. Some have been told to follow a career within sciences because of the repetitional benefits it will bring to the table. But how many times has someone advised you to follow what your dreams?

Right now millennials are saving for house deposits and a future when they've forgotten the opportunities that lay before them. Right now millennials are working for the future which in theory was what the older generation worked towards right? They worked and made a living so millennials and Generation Z wouldn't have to follow in the same footsteps and could make something of themselves, yet isn't there just a big loop being performed here rather then an arrow pointing forward?

Sometimes it is genuinely worth looking at your opportunities and asking yourself why am I following a path which isn't doing anything for me now or for the future? I was told go down a career of banking, but wasn't told that it would be long hours and would mean I would lose a lack of leisure time. So I chose an accounting route to begin with. Okay I still had my leisure time but not one told me it wasn't really exciting. There are some areas withing the accountancy world that are exciting but it's not that easy to get into, you need skills, something that they never really taught you. These so called advisers painted a picture but didn't give you the truth behind these options.

Always remember that their path does not need to be yours.

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