I have worked with a number of clients from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and below are a few that have shared their 'Coaching with Pri' experience. 

What my clients have said

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United Kingdom

I wanted to build resilience and refocus on my strengths, which Pri helped me to do with a series of self-reflective but fun and interesting exercises which I will take with me into the future.

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Los Angeles, USA

With the help of his coaching sessions I was able to unlock barriers that I didn’t even know existed, and by doing so, lead me to success! He is a loveable guy with a huge heart, and also equipped with the tools needed to really advance your life! 



Princeton, USA

Change is hard, but it’s much more manageable when you have someone like Priyesh to help guide you through the process. I’m currently going through a career change, and with the transition comes fears, doubts and obstacles. 



United Kingdom

Priyesh is attentive, listens very well and takes notes. As a result, dots can be joined, meaning he can link points from meeting to meeting, which is crucial and made our sessions a joy.

Aaron Wandtke.jpg


Ohio, USA

Priyesh is insightful and asked me the right question at the right time.  I appreciated the space he provided me to walk through and question my thought process and assumptions.  I also valued the environment he created.  I trusted him and felt sharing details of a personal topic.



United Kingdom

He has asked the right questions and helped me along a thought process, which identified subtle changes to my lifestyle to subsequently be more productive across the various goals and achievements that I want to accomplish.



United Kingdom

Pri provided a safe, open and honest environment, where I immediately felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. He was able to help me reflect on topics that I had never intended to share or had even thought about that would be impacting me as much as they did.  



United Kingdom

He helped me identify clear strategies to implement on a weekly basis and would also check up to see what if I implemented those strategies and where could we improve. I have now been more efficient in my work since then. 



United Kingdom

He helped me question my WHY. Not just my WHY generally but my WHY for where I am now and for where I want to be in the future. He worked with me to implement a few practical habits and actions that have continued to compound by recalibrating where I am and what is important to me today. 



United Kingdom

He helped me guide me in answering my own questions. He listens. He takes notes. And honestly, after a number of sessions I felt like I understood myself a lot more. He motivated me, helped me plan and prepare to reach my goals but most importantly he helped me find the answer.