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Being a student and then a graduate within the corporate world I came to terms with a number of challenges.

Any of the following sound familiar?  


You are always listening and working towards the expectations of your parents but it's so draining?


You’re not being yourself because you feel like you are constantly following trends?


You put too much pressure on yourself and your education, and at times feel like you’re lacking motivation?


You are forever constantly comparing yourself or are being compared to others and this brings down your morale?



It can be very demoralising when you start to feel that you are actually below this made up standard. 


This is where comparisons start to grow. Are you a fan of whether it’s people comparing you to others, or you comparing yourself to them?


And this is just from an academic point right?  What happens when we take things a little more personal?   

For instance your relationship status, how much you earn, how you look, your health, the number of followers you have, etc. 


​What happens next?


It remains inside of you, consuming you from within. Every time you feel like you are trying to move forward, to evolve and grow, you realise something still finds a way of pulling you back. Does this happen to you? 


As your coach I will help you firstly gain the confidence to take the relevant action you believe you should be taking within whatever area of life you feel is really bothering you. 


I will help you address the fears and challenges that have held you back from being your true unique self.  


Whatever your goal is, I will work with you at your pace to help you get to where it is you truly want to be to help you kickstart the rest of your adult life in a positive manner.

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