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Back yourself more. Back yourself often.

Struggling with backing yourself and your decisions you make. What if I told you, you have your own unique way of bringing this energy to the table.

Maybe things would look and feel a lot better? You might wake up smiling a lot more? You would actually start taking action on those daunting tasks you've been putting off?

I hear you, so let me cut all the story nonsense and give you the steps. It's very simple. Are you ready?

Step 1: Go through every activity where you back yourself. Where you have showcased the you back yourself. Think far and wide.

It could be in the kitchen when you make that one mean dish. Tacos hmmmmm 😏

It could be in the gym with that one particular exercise where you're just in beast mode

It could be when you are out on the field helping your team as a natural born leader.

We all have ways where we back ourselves. We may not do this often or we may not showcase this but we do. I truly believe we are all programmed this way. These are just three examples but it could be a case of when you write a presentation, or when you serve a customer, or when you hold your niece and nephew for the first time.

Feels weird right but you do! And this is the starting point. Go through every activity and see if there is anything in common. What trends and patterns are coming up. Is it the people you are hanging around with? Is it a loud environment or is it silent? Cherry pick some of the finer details because this will help with the next step!

Step 2: Get into that state of mind.

I'm not saying meditate right now, but I will say meditation has helped me stay focussed every morning and continues to enhance the thought process to back myself and back myself often.

But what I mean is once you've jotted down the areas where you back yourself you will have identified patterns and key themes that relate to the mindset.

There are emotions and feels that come into play. A sense of not caring what people think could be the obvious one that comes up. Fantastic. All I am asking for you right now is to combine the two. Get into that mindset and see what that does for you in the present moment.

Sound difficult. Let me go back to the example of cooking. Say for instance you make a mean pasta. The sauce is homemade. The flavours are vibrant and the confidence oozes when you take that first tase of the sauce. You smile. It feels warm. You may give of a cheeky celebration. Mines tends to be the Cristiano Ronaldo 'SIUUUUU'. Yours might be hands in the air like if you just scored a touch down.

But during this activity it all feels wonderful in a weird way. You dont care whether people might dislike it because you know deep down they are going to love it.

It tastes even better than last time. You have followed the recipe precisely.

Maybe you feel confident. Maybe you just feel happy. But overall that feeling translates into you backing yourself.

So how do you then apply that mindset. Maybe first thing you do now before that work presentation is to run to the toilets, close your eyes and you imagine the pasta sauce.

Wait scratch that, it might not be a good idea to go to the toilet and imagine tasting pasta LOL. You walk outside and imagine that sauce. Or you look at yourself in the mirror and just smile. Maybe you pre-record your SIUUU celebration and you re-watch that again.

Mindset now shifted.

Step 3: Go out and own it!

It's a simple as that. Once you shift your mindset its a wrap. Because now there is no excuse why you cant bring what brings you joy and happiness into the equation.

See for the mindset to shift you have to believe in yourself. Now I cant teach you how to believe in yourself because I am no expert. Nor do I think anyone is. But I know you know how to believe in yourself because you showcase it in your own way. So combine the two. And if thats difficult maybe the belief systems are a lot stronger (on a negative front) and its time to reach out for some more assistance.

Book yourself a discovery call and maybe we walk through your particular unique way.

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