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Working smarter - not harder - FITNESS EDITION

Spending more time in the gym doesn’t mean your muscles are going to grow. If this means cutting down your sleep to get to the gym first thing in the morning may mean you can fit in an extra half hour but if your body can handle an extra half an hour you’re not doing yourself any justice.

The reason why I say this is based on the fact that I was that guy that used to think training 5-6 times a week was a must. I’d train legs once a week and then chest., back, shoulders and arms over the rest of the week. I would want to make sure I got every exercise completed.

I did this for 10 years. And albeit I felt I was getting slightly stronger – I always remained relatively lean and wasn’t really getting that big in regards to growing my muscles. I wanted that perfect 6 pack and tried all of this dieting but again I wasn’t listening to my body.

I was working hard. I was training hard. You could appreciate the energy levels. But the truth was I wasn’t training smart.

This all changed when I hired my Online coach. My first 3 months with this coach was training 5-6 times a week but it included following a strict diet plan. I followed a work out plan and naturally over the 10 weeks my weight dropped significantly and my abs were finally there. I was as ripped as I could be and I felt great.

But now I lacked strength so I got myself a different coach. And we started with training 4 times a week. But the interesting part was that my routine changed. Recovery was key. “Less is more” was the phrase that got thrown around.

For me this was uncomfortable. I was used to benching, deadlifting, squatting and training as if it was a HIIT session. Shorter breaks and excessive reps. After a month or two with my new coach sticking to this new regime I realised that I was actually getting stronger.

Soon I started increasing the weights. With some of my body strength exercising I was adding further weight. It was strange. This wasn’t something that was possible before but in this short space of time, training smarter and not harder was paying off.

When I look at my transformation over the course of the year, I can see better definition. I can see different muscles popping out that I had never seen before. Its funny. Its crazy. By training smarter I am seeing results I’ve been wishing for and the impossible is looking possible.

When I get injured or ill, recovering for a longer duration rather than going back to my normal ways is paying off. Its improving my performance in some of the sports I play but it’s also providing a better sense of clarity too in regards to my day to day activites.

With the fitness world training smarter has been a game changer but its so transferrable to your every day life.

When you apply this mentality to your career what now becomes possible?

When you apply this to your relationships what benefits turn up on your doorstep?

Think about it

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